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Exploring Galatians and Ephesians


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By: George R. Knight

Galatians and Ephesians are two of the brightest pearls in the writings of Paul.

Galatians focuses on justification by faith as the basis of Christian liberty, and ends with a discussion of Christian ethics (since we have been justified, how shall we then live?). Ephesians says even more about holy living, focusing on the grace of God that not only provides individual salvation but brings the redeemed together into a new community in Christ, the church, and empowers us in the cosmic struggle between good and evil. Both books tell us how we are saved in Christ, how to walk with Him in daily life, and how to live together as Christians. And both will transform us as we let the Holy Spirit speak through them.

This user -friendly devotional commentary divides the text of Galatians and Ephesians into bite -sized passages, using a new translation by the author. Each passage is followed by an explanation that reveals themes and patterns, moving from exegesis to practical application in the lives of twenty-first-century believers. The format will prove helpful for church study groups and midweek meetings, equipping the reader to understand better God’’s message of transforming grace today.