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Divine Prescription and Science of Health and Healing


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God helps those who help themselves. By knowing; understanding; and applying God's "Laws of Health" we can restore our health when ill and maintain our health when well. All intelligent men and women can be their own health instructors when they understand the true philosophy of health. We can exercise; breathe fresh air; rest when needed; drink plenty of water; dress properly; work moderately; and do that which most experienced physicians cannot do for us; and that is to regulate our diet. This extensive volume will show you how to do just that. The book covers some of the following topics: The Divine Philosophy of Health and Healing The Divine Science of Health and Healing The Causes and Prevention of Disease The Use of Drugs Herbs are God's Medicines The Healing Foods Vitamins and Minerals Healing Disease by Natural Means Healing of Cancer by Natural Methods Healing of Various Health Issues; Conditions; and Ailments