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Discovering God's Will


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Does God play hide-and-seek with His will? * Does finding God’s will for your life seem like a game show in which you must choose door A; door B; or door C? Can you choose the right door without knowing what is behind it? * Is God hiding necessary information from you? Or are you hiding from God? * Does God direct you through signs and wonders? * Does using your brain have anything to do with knowing God’s will? Troy Fitzgerald; Ph.D.; shares his conviction that you can know God’s will and live happily in it. He challenges each of us to live each day as Abraham—traveling to the Promised Land—traveling only by faith. That’s great advice for Christians of any age. In Part 1: The Search for God’s Will; you will find answers to your questions and learn principles of guidance. Part 2: The Discovery of God’s Will points you to Scripture passages that will help you discover and do God’s will; choose God’s will over your own; and accept God’s will even in times of adversity. Part 3: The Will to Live—Doing God’s Will shows you how to distinguish between devotions and devotion in living God’s will each day. Learn how God’s will can help you make other major life decisions such as choosing a career or finding a spouse.