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Degrees of Kelvin: Good News for the Galaxy... And Beyond


Degrees of Kelvin: Good News for the Galaxy . . . and Beyond! entertains kids while helping them understand the importance of sharing their faith with others. Through this exciting and engaging story; kids will gain the confidence and skills they need to tell others about the love of Jesus. Kelvin has lived his entire life in space on a mining platform near the star Gliese 433; where his parents are engineers. During an outbreak of Centpowkian flu; ships from nearby colonies descend on Kelvin's home---bringing Laney and an alien named Nixblatt. Kelvin protects Nixblatt; helps him heal from an injury; and tells him about Jesus. Nixblatt then invites Kelvin and Laney to come to his world to tell his people about Jesus. The story is a sci-fi parallel to the book of Acts.