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Day of the Lord


Get the rock-solid facts on the future’s most significant event—Christ’s second coming—with Amazing Facts’ newest sharing magazine! Besides stunning; full-color graphics and fascinating facts throughout that will keep readers turning pages; The Day of the Lord presents concrete Bible evidence with winsome clarity on this most crucial topic to inspire faith in God’s Word and draw seekers to His saving truth. Pastor Doug Batchelor says; “Considering the times in which we live; I can’t imagine a more crucial resource to share with friends; family; coworkers and neighbors in your community.” Discover the certainty; signs; and manner of Christ’s return; the truth about the secret rapture; and what happens during and after His return. Even more important; learn how to be ready for this imminent and cataclysmic event so you can face the future with confidence and joy! Answers these critical questions: How will Christ’s second coming happen? What are the signs of His return? How close are we to the end? How can I be sure I’m ready? And much; much more! Perfect for sharing with friends; family; and anyone you meet! Everyone needs this information. Keep a stack in your car and leave a copy in waiting rooms; restaurants; airports—everywhere you go.