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Darkness of Twilight


The devil’s wiles are endless; and he uses seemingly the most unsuspecting people to accomplish his deceptions. In the case of the Twilight series; he’s using an Arizona stay-at-home mom. Twilight in a nutshell is a story of love; lust; vampires; werewolves; good; evil; mortality; immortality; and blood—yes definitely; blood; and the craving for it as the sweetest drink of all. If you’re a Twilighter; hopefully you are thinking at this point: “Fair enough . . . so what’s the problem? It’s just fiction!” First of all; most fiction is not just fiction; and this is certainly true of Twilight. Fantasy aside; fiction still communicates ideas; values; and messages; and these in turn; affect the day-to-day activities of readers and movie watchers. In The Twilight Saga; we meet the Cullens; a family of vampires with some werewolves too. Far from being Bela Lugosi’s stereotypical creatures of the night; the Cullens walk around like normal folks during the daylight; hold jobs; and some can even handle sunlight. They are also depicted as living absolutely awesome; exciting lives. The “coolest” thing is that they all have specials powers beyond average mortals. Because of The Twilight Saga; and other Hollywood production; interest in real vampirism is exploding to the point that virtually every community in America has a vampire subculture. As vampires; the Cullens drink blood; albeit the “vegetarian” or non-human variety as do members of the subculture. Scripturally; drinking blood directly opposes God’s directive regarding flesh foods (Genesis 9:3; 4; Leviticus 17:10; Acts 15:21). The lure of vampirism and possessing special powers tempts real teenagers and adults today to explore the mysterious world of occultism. The blood-drinking practice of vampirism; as the Bible confirms; is a connection to soothsaying (Leviticus 19:26). Make no mistake about it: vampirism and occultism usually go hand in hand. Two verses later; the Bible also warns against self-mutilation; and “cutting” is rapidly addicting people; especially teenage girls. Why so much blood? Jesus’ shed blood; as represented by the slain lamb in the days of the sacrificial system; cleanses you and me. Life is in the blood. Satan; again; has put forth another counterfeit to confuse holiness and sinfulness. In these last days before our Savior returns; don’t let Lucifer’s legions mesmerize your mind with the wrong blood.