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Cross of Christ - Library of Adventist Theology


At the very center of Christianity is the issue of sin and atonement. It is basic to the Christian understanding of theology; history; and every other field of knowledge. Indeed; it is an issue so vast and significant that few books even attempt to span the broad spectrum of topics it raises. Now; in this noteworthy book; George R. Knight presents a wide-ranging look at the problem of sin and the atoning work of Christ. Working from a strong biblical foundation; Knight moves through the core topics raised by the atonement; including: God’s justice the results of sin in the human realm God’s solution for reversing the consequences of sin how His saving plan is being worked out through the life and death of Christ the universe’s judgment on God’s solution the human response to salvation The Cross of Christ is a work both engaging and informative; profound yet understandable. It is an examination that will help you grapple with this complex topic both intellectually and spiritually.