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Creation Case - Fossil Fuels DVD (Vol 8)


The Creation Case Volume 1 - Fossil Fuels Rich; the field investigator is assigned by Headquarters to look for clues in nature and make a report. The investigation takes him to mountains; canyons; glaciers; volcanoes; caves; oceans; deserts and some of the most beautiful places in nature. Come along and investigate with Rich on his adventures. You’ll discover the evidence for yourself. . .God is our Creator! FOSSIL FUELS Why do we find so much fossil fuel buried under the ground? Fossil fuels are made up of biomass; things that used to be alive; but how did it get there? Why is it there? Join Rich as he searches for clues that show us the connection fossil fuels have to the Bible. Runtime: Approximately 30 minutes Featuring Guide Magazine’s “Mud Guy” – Rich Aguilera Language: English & Spanish