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Cooling Down Teen Stress


Stress Strategies Every Teenager Needs to Know It is not a figment of their imaginations. The unrelenting influx of information and change make the turbulent teen years especially dangerous. Teen suicide rates are higher than ever as our 24/7 world moves faster and faster. Teens need to feel more relaxed; more safe and more in control. Delight Johnston Chandler wrote this book while still a teen; for teens. She presents eight easy to follow steps to cool off the teen stress soup that will make teen life more focused and enjoyable. The interactive wellness activities and story format distinguishes it from every other teen stress book on the market. The book tells the story of energetic and likeable Derisa Moore; a high school senior who experiences the near suicide of one friend and the untimely death of another. All this while juggling the usual teen stressors of parental hassles; dating; grades; and work. Collapsing under the pressure; she is helped by her older brother’s wellness counsel and support. She completes a difficult year with the necessary stress hardiness and skills to succeed and enjoy life.