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Cooking Beyond Measure

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This title is about the simple; healthy; thrifty; green kitchen-but it takes this timely message one step further: There are no measurements or prescriptive directions. This is a cookbook that’s more like kitchen companion for thrifty everyday cooks. Jean Johnson; food historian turned cookbook writer; questions SAD (the Standard American Diet). But In addition to Michael Pollan’s Big Food; she targets Big Cooking. Why should the elite chefs have all the fun? This is just easy everyday cooking. The same food women have been making around the world for centuries-without putting reading glasses on!The pages of Cooking Beyond Measure are filled with poetry. Lines like paprika with its come hither red sass; and using enough cheese to melt your heart. Yet; under the light-hearted prose lies a radical message: the small chemistry experiment approach to cooking is a key reason we schlep off to the land of crinkly packages. And that land is robbing us blind and wrecking our health. Johnson’s solution? Leave your measuring cups behind and take back your kitchen!