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Close of Probation


The Adventist doctrine of the close of probation has created an immense amount of fear in the minds of many people—the fear that “I’m not good enough. If I’m supposed to be sinless after the close of probation; I’ll never make it!” Fortunately; we need not be afraid. In fact; as we see the events of the end times cascading upon us; we can see the love of God as well as His justice in this doctrine; and that can be a source of hope and happy anticipation. Marvin Moore; editor of Signs of the Times® and author of numerous books on the end times; is known for his ability to take complex or obscure subjects and make them understandable; even compelling. In this book; Marvin deals with the following questions and more: Who needs probation; and why? If we need probationary time; why will it be ended? What will happen to us if we’re brought into the presence of a holy God while there is no Intercessor? How perfect must we be? Who closes probation—and how? What do the mark of the beast and the seal of God have to do with the close of probation? Will probation close for everyone at the same instant; or will it close at different times for different people? What does the close of probation mean—what does it do? What implications does our belief in the close of probation have for us as Seventh-day Adventists and for the mission of our church? “The close of probation doesn’t have to be frightening at all;” Marvin says; “We need to be aware of it; and we need to prepare for it; but we do not need to be afraid of it. The purpose of this book is to help you understand probation and how to prepare for its close.” God has been offering grace and transformation to sinful people for the past six thousand years; and He’s still offering them to us. But time is running out. Probation will end soon; and then God’s offer will be gone forever. “Now is the day of salvation.”