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The Clear Word (Easy English)


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This fresh; slightly condensed paraphrase of the Bible conveys the ideas of each Bible verse in the most basic terms. There are no strange idioms; archaic jargon; or big words for scholars. Just pure; simple English to make God's message plain to those who are not native speakers of the language. This is not a translation of the Bible but a condensed paraphrase for easier reading that focuses on the central thought of each passage. Verses have been grouped to make it easier to understand what the Bible is telling us. Long lists of ancestors have been shortened to include only the more familiar names. Some of the more sordid details of wars and immoral practices have been eliminated. But the basic message shines through loud and clear. The Easy English Clear Word is a rewrite of Dr. Jack Blanco’s phenomenally successful paraphrase; The Clear Word; which has renewed the devotional life of thousands. Those who are just learning English and those with visual limitations will find the simplicity and larger type size of this paraphrase especially helpful. With reduced repetition; violence; and genealogies; The Easy English Clear Word is so easy to read that you’ll have to force yourself to stop. At last you can understand the Word of God! At last you can hear His voice more clearly than ever and know what He wants for you. Weight: 1.95 lbs Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.4 x 1.25 inches