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Christmas Gifts: True Stories to Celebrate the Season


In this storybook, Helen Heavirland captures the beauty and meaning of Christmas. Although the season brings wonder to our senses, it is also true that life remains stubbornly unpredictable. Hardships and trials are ever present, even at Christmas. If you have encountered difficulties in life, then you will find hints of your own story in these pages.

Each account is true and tells how ordinary people rose above their trials to experience the joy of God’s love. Some stories are new, some are old, and some are heartrending, but all are heartwarming.

  • When the 1930s depression deepens, how can enemies find Christmas healing?
  • Lost in a blizzard, is Victor willing to sacrifice his own dream on the chance he might save Pa?
  • With finances near zero, a baby due, belongings packed to move, and Cheerios the only food, can the young couple’s Christmas be anything but miserable?
  • Did Grandpa and Grandma forget Christmas?
  • How can there be a positive ending to a frigid Christmas Eve, a snow-covered road, and a broken-down Greyhound bus full of freezing passengers eager to get home?

It’s hard to imagine anything good coming from these situations, but the amazing Child of Bethlehem turns every challenge into something beautiful. And that’s why Christmas Gifts will leave you smiling and inspired.