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Christian Minority In Pakistan


Created by foreign Missions during the British Raj; the small Christian community in the Pakistan area has existed for nearly one hundred and fifty years. Due to its low socio-economic and elemental religious background; it has always suffered from an image problem. Under the British Raj; the security and well-being of this community was assured to a very large degree. But with the establishment of Pakistan-a constitutionally Islamic state and society-the circumstances of this small minority have drastically changed. Less than two percent of the population; this minority is being constantly challenged on socio-economic and religious grounds. The Islamic elements in the land are ill-disposed toward it and; every now and then; resort to lawlessness towards members of this small minority. The author of this book has attempted to sharpen awareness of the problems of the Christian minority in Pakistan; and has proposed some steps that might alleviate these problems to a certain degree; including the development and practice of an Islam-reconciled Christianity. The thrust of his argument is that; when one is decidedly weak; and must remain so for the foreseeable future; it is best to acknowledge it and behave accordingly. One cannot safely dwell in the water while being on the wrong side of the crocodile.