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Choose You This Day


In the fourth commandment; God claims that in six days He created the heavens and the earth; the seas; and all that is in them. The Bible claims that God wrote this with His finger; in stone. If what God wrote with His own hand is false; why would the rest of the Bible be of any further interest? But if true; it can guide us through whatever the future holds. The credibility of the Creator and the Creation story in Genesis are becoming increasingly important issues in the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Even Christians are beginning to question the biblical account. Science is an important human endeavor; but we can trust it only as it accords with the Bible; which is our standard for evaluating origins; evil; and our great God. This choice could not be more important. It will prepare us for earth’s final events; when Jesus will return to rescue repentant sinners from this evil-ridden planet.
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