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Changed 4 Life


Life is unfair. We learn that as children. And the truth is it doesn’t always get better. Do you ever wonder why some people seem to do so well in spite of suffering? Why some people find their life purpose through tragedy? When you look at your own life—it’s just a mess—so how do they do it? Changed 4 Life will show you how. Read the incredible stories of eight people who faced the same problems you’re facing right now; and find your story written between the lines. Their stories will show you how it can be done. Their stories will give you hope. Changed 4 Life will remind you that no matter who you are; where you come from; or what kind of mess you’re in today; God has a special purpose for your life. Changed 4 Life is about you and how God desires to change you today—and for eternity. Change is possible because it is all about God. The God who created you. The God who has a purpose for your life. The God who loves you unconditionally. This is the fourth and final book in the Changed series.
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