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Caveman Theology: Salvation Made Simple


By beholding we become changed. Doug Batchelor examines Isaiah’s life-altering vision and shares intriguing stories from his own life to reveal the seven essential steps to salvation. If you aren’t sure of your salvation; you need this book! The prophet Isaiah knew this simple but profound truth. He had seen the Lord -- and then saw himself in contrast. It radically and permanently changed his life. What he saw can change your life too! In nine short verses that begin the sixth chapter of Isaiah; we find a clear and certain pathway to knowing and loving God. Author and evangelist Doug Batchelor uses Isaiah's life-altering vision and intriguing stories from his own extraordinary life to reveal the seven essential steps to salvation and true conversion. In this delightful and unique little book; a companion to his autobiography; The Richest Caveman; Pastor Doug winsomely leads you along each step in the process of knowing and loving God; helping you discover your deep need of Jesus and His unrelenting power to save. This is not dry theology; it is living vignettes of faith that make salvation precious; accessible; and intensely real. The encounter that awaits you will swell your heart with gratitude and cause your lips to cry out; "My eyes have seen the King!"