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C. D. The Man Behind the Message


If you have heard C. D. Brooks preach; it was most certainly an unforgettable experience. His distinct voice trumpets truth with an authority rarely seen in today's pulpits. The stories he skillfully weaves thrill the imagination and bring conviction to the heart. Loving yet uncompromising; Brooks delivers the Adventist message without apology. His appeals to accept Jesus reverberate in the mind long after they are over. With a 60-year ministry spanning the ghettos of the city; sands of the desert; and islands of the sea; C. D. Brooks has led more than 15;000 souls to Christ on six continents and dozens of countries. A media trailblazer; Brooks has spread the gospel through every type of media; including cassette; radio; television; and Internet. For 23 years this founding speaker of the Breath of Life Ministries telecast appeared in millions of homes across the globe; and is undoubtedly one of the greatest evangelists of the twentieth century. Few have been given a window into the man behind the message-until now. In this book you catch a rare glimpse into the personal trials and triumphs of this modern apostle. From humble roots in the rural South at the beginning of the Great Depression to the Internet age in which his sermons are some of the most downloaded items online; C. D.: The Man Behind the Message is as riveting as a sermon from the man himself; and just like his preaching; it will lead you to recommit your life to Jesus Christ.