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Brushed Back


Cocky and good-looking; Trevor Bullock was the man. He was a star pitcher; the life of the party; and the girls loved him. Drugs and alcohol were easy to come by in high school; even though his dad was the narcotics captain at the local police department. But that didn’t faze Trevor—smooth talking was yet another one of his golden talents. Baseball was his life; and he figured he deserved all the perks that came with it. But God had something else in mind for His wayward child—it just took a while to get his attention. Over the next few years Trevor went to college; played ball; went to church sometimes; partied; was baptized; got thrown in jail; signed with the Philadelphia Phillies organization; and met a girl. The girl. And for some reason; Trevor’s relationship with Carissa mirrored his off-and-on relationship with God. But God was still calling the game—He just had to convince Trevor to quit shaking Him off.