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Broken Chains: Finding Peace for the Raging Soul


Jesus crossed the angry waves to make a madman whole. He who stilled the stormy sea can calm a raging soul. The poor creature; half-man and half-beast; was apparently as far from God as anyone could imagine. His home was a tomb; his companions were the nearby snorting pigs. His food was their leftovers. His only clothes were remnants of broken chains and dangling shackles. His deranged mind was the domain of demons. He was the perfect picture of hopelessness. Until Jesus came. Based on the extraordinary biblical account of Jesus and the demoniac of Decapolis; this stirring story provides a vivid window into the cosmic conflict between the forces of good and evil. Broken Chains unfolds the wonderful power of God to liberate and transform men and women who are bound in the murkiest depths of sin and provide peace to their raging souls. Have you ever felt that your spiritual condition was stagnant? Or that your hope for future growth was bleak? Have you ever reached the brink of despair feeling that your personality flaws; bad habits; and selfishness had placed you beyond the reach of redemption? Then this book is the key to unlock the chains that bind you.