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Born to Die


By E.G. White It happened 2;000 years ago; in a small barn; in a small town; in a small nation - yet your life; and the world today; changed forever by it anyway.Most people have heard about the babe born in Bethlehem; yet few have really explored the depths of His beginnings. Now in this beautifully crafted volume by one of Christianity's most influential writers; you'll get a breathtakingly detailed portrait of the early years of Jesus Christ.So many answers to the whys and hows are at your fingertips. For the first time; you'll understand the timing of His birth; how a nation rose and fell by His Word; and why He was truly born to die. Read all about the man who is more than just a part of history; a man who is more than just another religion. He's the reason you're alive; He is the bridge between heaven and earth; and this is the first part of His amazing journey straight into your heart.(Born to Die is taken from the first 16 chapters of The Desire of Ages