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Blueprint: God's GPS Lesson Set


The fact that a battle is raging between good and evil is one that cannot be denied. But how did it begin? And why? Many have sought answers to these questions from many different sources; but this study guide series is designed to reveal what the bible has to say about evil; its origin; and its ultimate end. In this study; you will learn about the rebellion of Satan; the plan of salvation; the stunning prophecies of the Bible; and the truth about God’s character. As you go through this study; scene after scene will unfold; like an epic movie; the greatest mystery of all time; and you will discover six powerful keys that unlock and solve this mystery. This study series is a comprehensive chronological view of the Bible in five parts consisting of 17 lessons. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic; The Blueprint study guides will provide the answers you have been seeking to make sense of our world. Simply go through this study with an open mind and you will be enlightened – and perhaps even surprised!