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Back to Eden


Readers and users of the original Back to Eden (called by some a "classic") know that Jethro Kloss was continually striving to make available a large amount of practical knowledge that would help others to achieve and maintain healthful and productive lives. The completion of this revised edition of Back To Eden; therefore; would surely please Jethro Kloss. A great deal of time and effort have been expended to enhance its content; organization; factual clarity; and readability. Undoubtedly; readers will be pleased to find the new volume more convenient to use than the earlier version. All the essential original material has been retained in this revised edition. Sections and paragraphs on the same or similar topics (scattered in various places throughout the first edition) have now been brought together and arranged in a logical order for ease and speed of reference. Medical terms have slowly but continually changed over the years. For example; few people today know the meaning of such words as "fleet;" "teeters;" and similar terms used during the 1920s and 1930s when Back To Eden was first written. Therefore; the vocabulary has been brought up to date; even though the old names are also retained from their historical interest. A number of vital topics (such as vitamins; minerals; proteins; etc); which were mentioned only briefly in the early work; have been substantially expanded; and many the timely topics have been incorporated. In addition; this revised text has new illustrations and photographs; new charts; new appendix and glossaries; and a new comprehensive index. The scripture that says; "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;" is surely being fulfilled. But our loving heavenly Father sees the world's untold suffering and wretchedness; and He has made provision that if we use these things that He has provided they will surely bring relief. There are wonderful properties in trees; herbs; flowers; and roots; which the Holy Book says are for our medicine; and which are documented in the book. There are also wonderful life-giving properties in fruit; if properly eaten and not combined with certain other foods. Improper combination of foods causes fermentation and thus destroys their life-giving properties. The following topics are covered in the book: Natural Health Herbs for Healthful Living Treating Diseases with Herbs Your Body and Its Needs Food Preparation Effects of Polluted and Adulterated Foods on the Body Water and Good Health Skills in Caring for the Sick