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Astounding Love


Do you think of God as being somewhat strict and harsh or cold and distant? Do you feel that He mostly wants to find fault and condemn? Author John Hutchinson thought this way for many years; until God showed him the astounding; tender Father-love that God has for everyone. Astounding Love reveals Gods immeasurable love and goodness; and His burning desire for a close; loving relationship with us all. It is a scripturally balanced; heartwarming understanding of Gods wonderful; loving Father-heart. If you want to discover-and experience-Gods beautiful; true; loving character; this book is for you. And it could also be a great gift for someone you know who needs this kind of love Understanding the Father-heart of God is one of the most important teachings this generation needs to embrace... As you read this book; you will discover that Gods love for you is; indeed; astounding Dwight Van Middlesworth Jr.; University student Astounding Love is an intimate and tender account of Gods great love... for us all... It] offers one of the most thorough and systematic rationales for intimacy with God. George Otis Jr.; Executive Director of The Sentinel Group Astounding Love is not just a book-it is a profound and liberating experience with God that will transform you... Judy Rushfeldt; Award-winning author; speaker; and online magazine publisher About the Author John Hutchinson has been a pastor; missionary; youth evangelist; Bible school teacher; and interdenominational leader for over 58 years. He has a passionate love for God and people; a comprehension of Scripture; and an insight that uniquely qualify him to communicate Gods astounding Father-heart of love.