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The term ‘Apocalypse’ is commonly associated with utter destruction, but in the Scriptures it refers to the ‘revelation’ given to us by Jesus Christ in the last book of the Bible: a book that sets out the history of mankind through a series of dramatic symbols we call prophecies. These prophecies are predictions that have been fulfilled with uncanny precision, giving us the assurance that whoever made them knew what he was doing. This is a book about those prophecies, both to help you understand them for yourself, and to prepare for the dramatic events that lie just ahead.

It covers the following issues and much, much more:

  • The prophecies about the Vatican and the USA
  • The truth about the world’s greatest secret alliance
  • A deeper understanding of conspiracy theories
  • Revelations about who the antichrist really is
  • The shocking facts behind the Marian and UFO apparitions
  • Why doesn’t God end all the evil and misery around us?
  • Who changed His commandments and why?
  • How close is the end of the world?
  • How will the world end?