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Another Look at Jesus / That's My Jesus


Two new Revelation resources have been combined into one; spiral-bound booklet. One side; called Another Look at Jesus; serves as a follow-up to Revelation 101: Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation. These follow-up studies explore 12 topics in Revelation rather than the verse-by-verse style utilized in Revelation 101. The 12 topics are themes throughout Revelation and can be used individually; in small groups; or as a church. Following the 12 studies is the teacher’s guide for all 12 studies. The other side of the book; called That’s My Jesus; is a chapter-by-chapter study of Revelation designed for small groups. The relational emphasis of these studies depends on an active Holy Spirit rather than a Revelation expert to explain each chapter. Discussion questions include prompts from which to choose potential answers that spark discussion and personal applications. Spiralbound. Copyright 2019. 110 pages.