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Angels Over Kisangani


When Christopher and Abigail Duman arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo in January 2016; they were unseasoned and largely ignorant of Congolese culture and history. Little did they realize that this particular mission field was volatile and dangerous. Even so; they believed the Lord had led them there; so they embarked on a process of surrender that prepared them to experience faith in the face of ultimate fear. “They were hedged in on every side by men who quickly formed a violent mob. The missionary father’s heart sank. He could see no earthly way out of the situation. No amount of hopefulness or positivity could remedy their risk. The vehicle was instantly surrounded. If he backed up; he risked hitting someone and would only double their fury. Men pounded on the doors and windows; screaming at the missionaries who had devoted their lives to bringing them hope.” As the Dumans and their colleagues worked to bring physical and spiritual blessings to the people of Congo; a tragic accident changed everything in a single day. Would they all escape with their lives? And what would become of the work in Kisangani?