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Amazing Facts Study Guides Introductory Set (1-14)


You’re going to love the colorful; eye-catching graphics; amazing facts; and the easy-to-understand; step-by-step learning that will help you better grasp the Bible’s most vital teachings clearly and completely. Excellent for personal study or with a group; these winsome; uplifting lessons will bring you and those you share them with faith; hope; and clarity. Introductory Lessons: Study Guide 1: Is There Anything Left You Can Trust? Study Guide 2: Did God Create the Devil? Study Guide 3: Saved from Certain Death Study Guide 4: A Colossal City in Space Study Guide 5: Keys for a Happy Marriage Study Guide 6: Written in Stone! Study Guide 7: The Lost Day of History Study Guide 8: Ultimate Deliverance Study Guide 9: Purity and Power! Study Guide 10: Are the Dead Really Dead? Study Guide 11: Is the Devil in Charge of Hell? Study Guide 12: 1;000 Years of Peace Study Guide 13: God’s Free Health Plan Study Guide 14: Is Obedience Legalism?