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Amazing Facts Study Guides Advanced Set (15-27)


You’re going to love the colorful; eye-catching graphics; amazing facts; and the easy-to-understand; step-by-step learning that will help you better grasp the Bible’s most vital teachings clearly and completely. Excellent for personal study or with a group; these winsome; uplifting lessons will bring you and those you share them with faith; hope; and clarity. Advanced Lessons: Study Guide 15: Who Is the Antichrist? Study Guide 16: Angel Messages from Space Study Guide 17: God Drew the Plans Study Guide 18: Right on Time! Study Guide 19: The Final Judgment Study Guide 20: The Mark of the Beast Study Guide 21: The United States in Bible Prophecy Study Guide 22: The “Other” Woman Study Guide 23: The Bride of Christ Study Guide 24: Does God Inspire Astrologists and Psychics? Study Guide 25: In God We Trust? Study Guide 26: A Love that Transforms Study Guide 27: No Turning Back