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Amazing Disciples


This intensive; 13-week lesson book is presented by real experts in the field—the dedicated and experienced instructors at the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE). Excellent for personal devotions and Bible study groups; it’s also the perfect tool for churches to use in training members for outreach. With this book you will learn how to: Employ the most effective method of evangelism—Christ’s method! Surrender yourself more fully to the Spirit of God Create a plan for a successful evangelistic reaping series Reflect the love and caring of Jesus in your friendship evangelism Use your own story to pique interest in others Give Bible studies in a convincing and winsome way Answer objections and gain decisions for Christ Nurture new believers and reclaim missing church members And more! Each week concludes with an exciting true story from the inspiring experiences of AFCOE students; while challenging exercises help you to grow in knowledge and ability; giving you the tools to become a confident and effective soul winner for Jesus Christ!