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Alive And Well


In the rush of our modern lives; we often forget that God is present right in the midst of our busy schedules and painful experiences. In Alive and Well; Diane Knight shares her poignant experiences as a teacher; mentor; wife; and mother of a special needs child. When she experienced the loss of her seventeen-year-old son; grieving enabled her to with greater clarity God's presence and His guiding hand upon her life. Diane shares the story of her personal journey and the discovery along the way that God is very much alive and well and yearns for us to understand who He really is! Each chapter explores a different aspect of God's character and will challenge you to live life abundantly; fulfilling His purpose for you. Through Diane's experiences; you will gain a greater appreciation of God's presence and be able to see Him working in your own life story. "As a mother of a special needs child; God has taught me much about His character and what our response to His care and love should be. Following the death of my son; God has continued to reveal even more of Himself to me through the grieving process."