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Adventures of Kado


From deep inside the jungle of India comes the story of a tiny native boy named Kado. Born into a family of savages; Kado grew up fearful of the spirits and spending his time learning the trades of the village. His home was dirty as it was shared with the family's livestock and had very little if any conveniences. When Christians come to his village with their magic and strange gods; Kado is intrigued. His curiosity grows stronger after a man is fatally bitten by a poisonous snake but is miraculously healed by these strange white people. Before long; Kado spend a lot of time with the Christians; learning all he can about a God that loves him and a new way of life free from fear; filth; and lawlessness. Over the next few years; Kado spends more time at the mission and begins to share what he has learned with his friends and neighbors; although not always with positive results. Adventures of Kado is the true-to-life story of a native boy and how he grows from a regular savage's child; to an influential Christian. Read Alice Mertie Underhill's other books Sharna of Rocky Bay; Poggy and Sharna—Lights Over Lookout; Dookie; Sookie; and Big Mo; and Little Flower and the Princess.