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ABC's of Healthy Grieving


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As we pass though our earthly life We're giving; taking experiencing; sharing; loving and struggling We are here on a visa; For this is not our permanent home. Finding a quiet place Can remind us that; After we die; we will come home to where our passport is valid. With these words from the first page of their book; ABC's of Healthy Grieving; Harold Ivan Smith and Steven L. Jeffers set the background... Author Harold Ivan Smith wrote this book after the loss of his mother. He starts the ABC’s by making it clear that every person experiences loss differently. Next Dr. Smith gives readers more than 80 specific ways to help with the grieving process. The “A’s” start with “Anticipate the ‘Holiday Blues’” and “Ask Your Questions” followed by “Breathe” and “Cry” and finishing with “Zest Up Your Life.” The ABC’s of Healthy Grieving will assist in understanding individual differences and being proactive in knowing what to expect from ourselves and others during a time of grief.