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Abandon Ship*


"One man's struggle to discover God's purpose for His church. Some questions are trivial. Some are important. And some are downright vital; freighted with eternal significance. Many Seventh-day Adventists are presently asking a question that clearly fits into the vital category. "Is the organized Seventh-day Adventist Church still God's recognized movement on earth; destined to triumph?" If you haven't asked this question yet; it's bound to arise in your heart sooner or later. Ellen White warned that "a condition of anarchy and wild uncertainty . . . will seek to pervade all our ranks of Seventh-day Adventists." Anarchy from within the church; against the church. Wild uncertainty concerning the standing of the church with God. This book addresses the present standing and future destiny of the church from the unique persepective of an independent ministry leader who has desperately struggled with the temptation to "abandon ship." Through that struggle; Ty Gibson has emerged with a rich understanding of God's purpose for His church; solidly grounded in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. You; too; will gain a better grasp of the divine agenda for Adventism as Ty shares his experience and insights with you through these pages."