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Seven Keys: Unlocking the Secrets of Revelation


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For almost 2,000 years, John the Revelator’s words have intrigued and confounded readers.

What is the meaning behind the inexplicable beasts, enigmatic angels, and complex symbols? Is Revelation an ancient message to readers in the distant past or does it provide a window through which we can catch a glimpse of our future?

If you think the book of Revelation is primarily about politics, battles and wars, you’re not reading it correctly. In the end, it’s the revelation of Jesus Christ. It’s about the slain Lamb. The One who shed His blood so we can live. It is the basis for real life.

Jon Paulien has identified the Seven Keys to unlocking Revelation’s mystery and majesty. Join him as he explores the significance of the Revelator’s use of symbolism; the Old Testament connection; the impact of the ancient apocalyptic literary style; and the relevance of chiastic structure.

The book of Revelation is full of excitement, battles, horror, and strange animals. But the final message is that God wins. Whatever you go through, whatever you experience in this life, at the end of the ultimate story God wins. No matter how out of control things get, God will make it right in the end.