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52 5-Minute Sermons for Kids from Nature


Gather your kids around you; and thrill them with some amazing truths that we can learn from the clues God has hidden in His creations! From the cute and ever-vigilant meerkats to Baviaan the unfortunate baboon and a greedy squirrel; we can learn the importance of teamwork and sharing; the salmon can teach us of persistence; and camels and squid can show us of God's marvellous design in nature. There are so many lessons to learn from plants and even minerals; too: from the magnificent giant sequoias to the rapidly growing sunflowers; and from the amazing water lily to fool's gold. Take your children on an exciting journey of discovery; and; like Solomon; teach them of many amazing facts about life and God's love using the things of nature that He has given us to study and enjoy. You and your children are sure to receive a blessing; and maybe you will learn something interesting too!