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40 Days: Reflecting on the Cross of Christ (Book 5)


What had been a symbol of great shame became a symbol of the great victory over sin that Christ obtained for all who believe in Him. The cross of Christ is the greatest revelation of love that ever has and that ever will be exhibited in this universe. A love that led our Creator to step down from His throne in heaven; become one of us; and die so our sins can be forgiven. Scripture is clear: knowing deep in our hearts that God loves us is foundational to our ability to love God and others and; obey God from the heart. If our knowledge of God’s love for us is only intellectual; a head knowledge and not a heart knowledge; then we can only love God; love others; and obey God’s commandments intellectually and not from the heart. The more we understand the love of God as revealed in the cross of Christ; the more we will love God and one another and the more we will become like Jesus Christ in heart and character. Dennis Smith challenges readers to spend 40 days reflecting on the cross of Christ and to discover anew that the cross of Christ is something to glory in; to rejoice in; and to proclaim to the world!