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40 Days: Praising God (Book 9)


Praise. Why is it vital to your Christian experience? 40 days: Prayers and Devotions on Praising God is a 40 day study on the elemental aspects of praise. In today’s digital; social-media driven society; we are bombarded with shallow praise and those seeking it. When God asks us to praise Him; He is not after a cheap compliment. True praise has so much more depth. Like most things that God asks of us; praising Him is more for our benefit then His. When we truly praise God; we become part of something much bigger. “As songs of praise are sung; as earnest fervent prayers arise to heaven …as the heart’s gratitude is expressed in prayer and song; angels from heaven take up the strain and unite in praise and thanksgiving to God.” -Ellen G. White Are you ready for a life filled with praise? Grab some friends and some extra copies of this book and in the next 40 days transform your life into a life of praise! You won’t believe what Praising God will do for You!