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30 Days to More Powerful Intercessory Prayer (Book 2)


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Another prayer- and power-packed "30 Days"! "Between our impotence and God's omnipotence; intercession is the blessed link." If prayer is powerful; intercessory prayer is spiritual dynamite! Ignite the fuse that will surely result in an explosion of blessing with 30 Days to More Powerful Intercessory Prayer by prayer warrior and author; Joe Engelkemier. Using some of the same organizational and application techniques that made his earlier 30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life a runaway bestseller; Engelkemier unlocks the purposes and methods of intercessory prayer in a way that creates a craving for the "second coming of the Holy Spirit." In 30 power-packed chapters; you’ll discover: how to pray for the Latter Rain ways to revive the Midweek prayer service the secret of "Jabez" prayers; and more! Engelkemier insists that a grass-roots movement of intercessory prayer is overdue and necessary for an utpouring of the Holy Spirit—a movement of prayer that includes church officers; young adults; pastors; and even children. Read this book for the next 30 days; share its concepts at the midweek prayer meeting; implement the strategies; digest the Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy references; pray and join the growing band of intercessors who are making a real difference in this world for eternity—on their knees!