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Promises for Your Heart by FaithCache (20 Cards)


This colorfully designed card set features life-guiding promises of the Bible. Memorize easily with these beautiful and uniquely illustrated cards. Illustrated. See it. Know it. Each card features it’s own unique illustration Double-sided full color cards Visual cues assist the brain in long-term recall Details 20 cards Cards are held in a slim; sturdy package Card size: 4” x 2.75” Bible verses from the KJV Text references can be found on the back side of each card. Each text reference is accompanied by a key visual element from the front to aid in remembering the verse. Power-Packed verses you will love! Features verses that will nurture and vitalize your faith Offers assurance and peace for your circumstances Share encouragement with others by spreading the goodness. Hand them out! You’ll find yourself falling back on these promises over and over again. Each timelessly expresses how deeply we are cared for; loved; guided; protected; and cherished by our Almighty God. Each uniquely illustrated design makes the verses come to life. No two cards are the same in this attractive collection of Bible promises! Visualizing each Scripture passage while committing it to memory will greatly aid in long-term recall.