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Real Family Talk


The most challenging and the most important aspects of people's lives the world over are having meaningful and happy relationships. What God meant for harmony and symphonic communication often turns to frustration; fear; and despair. Being intentional about connecting and creating a positive and safe environment for the people we have relationships with are what make marriage; families; and friendships worthy and worthwhile ventures. This kind of relationship makes for happy and productive people; who contribute to the well-being of the home; church; and society. But it is not possible without the power and help of our heavenly Father. In Real Family Talk; Willie and Elaine Oliver answer questions from real people with problems just like yours on dating; doctrines; infidelity; parenting; and sex--anything and everything relating to relationships. 'It is our hope that the information shared in this volume will serve as a catalyst to enhance your relationships; as you trust God to give you the desire and strength to honor Him in your most important daily interactions.'--Willie and Elaine Oliver