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Love Fight


ARE YOU AN ACHIEVER? How can you be winning clients at work; but losing the marriage battle at home? You’d think the odds would be in your favor; you know how to win. But the same attitudes that drive success at work can drive your love life into a ditch. In The Love Fight; you’ll learn how to manage those attitudes to achieve success at home and win the respect that really matters. ARE YOU A CONNECTOR? How is it that you have deep and meaningful friendships; but can’t connect on an intimate level with your spouse? You’d think you could woo your soul mate; you “get” people. But the approach that helps develop deep relationships with likeminded friends may not work with your Achiever spouse. In The Love Fight; you’ll learn how to adjust your approach to connect across the divide to have the fulfilling love life you desire. GET THE SECRET TO ACHIEVER/CONNECTOR RELATIONSHIPS! Using true-to-life examples; The Love Fight offers insight into this challenging relationship dynamic and practical tools to heal; nurture; and grow your marriage. Discover the common personality traits behind the succeed-at-work/fail-at-home syndrome. Understand your spouse; and yourself; better. Find simple assessments and exercises to evaluate your relationship. Learn the best strategies to create a mutually satisfying marriage.