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Connected: Devotional Readings for an Intimate Marriage


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Devotional readings for an intimate marriage! Imagine if you could take your marriage up to the next level. What if it were possible to go from a relationship that survives to one that thrives? What if there were a way to strengthen your commitment to each other? What if better communication could create greater trust? And; best of all; what if grace could help you see the best in your spouse? In Connected: Devotions for an intimate marriage; Dr Willie and Dr Elaine Oliver share over 35 years of marriage experience; growing together; learning from each other; and rearing children. They know how to make the ‘what ifs’ become reality. With 52 devotional reflections; there’s a thought for each week of the year; specifically designed to help couples to pause (reflect on the ideas shared); pray (about the ideas shared and how they relate to their experience) and then choose (determine to experience change together). Discover more within!