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Best Thing I Ever Did for My Marriage


Marriage has never been easy. But sometimes it takes surprisingly little to yield infinite rewards. This eye-opening book by marriage experts Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby contains humorous and profound true stories of turning points in marriages. From brushing her teeth at a different sink to letting her husband finish his sentences; each woman's story expresses the staggering impact that simple actions can have on marriages everywhere. More fulfilling relationships; expanded ministry opportunities; and a more intimate walk with God await the readers of this book when they see how God's best for their marriages may be just one small decision away. Sometimes the smallest thing can turn a marriage around! When Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby asked women about the best thing they ever did for their marriages; the responses were daringly honest. Here are fifty eye-opening; often humorous true stories—including contributions from Cynthia Heald; Dee Brestin; Rosemary Jensen; and Donna Otto—that will inspire you with moments that build stronger marriages. Bring down walls between you and your husband Adjust to differences in your personalities Deal with the damage and heartbreak of betrayal Go on living when everything goes terribly wrong God’s best for your marriage may be one small decision away!